What company uses identifier TBJ ?


Noted working Singapore HF on 22 Aug was TBJ08 at FL400 with a US driver. Can’t find any info on that identifier - anyone know? Selcal code given doesn’t give any clues either. :frowning: Wondering if it’s a new US charter company as FL400 is generally bizjet territory. ?

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skyscanner.com/flights-from/ … rport.html


TBJ is the IATA code for DTKA, yes… but it looks like the OP is looking for the airline/company with the TBJ ICAO code. I don’t see one yet (FAA doesn’t have anything, and a search at the ICAO site turned up nothing)… Hopefully someone finds something on this, but I doubt it is something US-based.



Yes, it’s the operator using that designator I’m after, not the airport… :laughing:

Tyke, you’d be surprised how many US biz are heard in that area. A US driver of course doesn’t mean it’s a US company, but it’s certainly an indicator of where they may be based. :smiley:


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