What are the odds


What are the odds of seeing something like this??



Three planes at once? I’m sure it is fairly common if you are an airline pilot.

As a matter of fact, I frequently see five or six contrailed jets at a time going south all in a line while I’m down at the Jersey Shore, all heading away from the NYC area.


I see about 3 but there not that close to each other, but i’m talking about seeing it in the air.


They look close together, but I’m sure they are not as close as the photo makes them appear. Telephoto lenses, which appear to be used here, can cause optical illusions causing things to look closer than they really are.


The contrails all seem to be heading toward the same point- Most likely an airway intersection. It is not at all uncommon for several aircraft to approach/transit an intersection (at different altiitudes) at or near the same time.






I like those odds.