What are some ways an student pilot can save money?


Any suggestion please.


You’ve come to a web site that is predominately for trackers of airline flights, yes there are some here who are pilots but I would guess that most are not.
If you want information about flying lessons then go to somewhere like the AOPA or Pilots of America forums, you’ll get a much better response.


Download from the FAA web site the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Airplane Flying Handbook, and the Aeronautical Information Manual. Study those until you’re blue in the face. Then seek out a flight school and find out what airplane you can afford to train in, study the crap out of the plane’s information manual. Make friends at the airport and borrow training materials. Save money for flight training, dedicate 6 months of consistent training time (you’ll likely need less due to consistent training), and hit it hard.


Lowest cost ways to make do it…for private/light sport.

  1. Self study ground school
  2. Complete your written test prior to starting training.
  3. Have medical already done (not need for sport license).
  4. If you want to only fly light sport, overall, it should cost less for a sport pilot certificate. It also costs less to operate a Light sport A/C.
  5. Student license can be acquired for FREE from the local FSDO. (You don’t need to pay the local DPE).
  6. Be ready with time and $ to do all your flight training all at once. If you can only do a little at a time, you’re taking 1 step forward and 2 back. Do it all at once and complete it. Only weather should be slowing you down.

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You can get an online course here: https://www.dentoaviation.com/


As an instructor I sometimes take my students on my corporate flights. Sometimes I fly the 414 and I take a multi student. Once you get to know your instructor see if he might take you on one of his charter or whatever flights. Building time while spending zero money