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What Am I Doing Wrong

I am a enterprise member. I am trying to watch aircraft activity in the air and ground in the Kabul
Afghan Airport. I have a nice full screen image with all aircraft flying around Afghanistan . Nothing is show at all with in the country. Reading on a Airline forum I watch, there members are watching aircraft in the air and ground at the Kabul International airport. They are using Flight trader 24

Why don’t I see anything within the borders of Afghanistan, either in the air or ground. I am of course using Flightaware

Thank You

Assuming you mean Flightradar24, correct?

There are two main reasons why the views can differ:

  • Flightaware is not showing any military air movement. Sometimes you can see individuals but most are blocked. Flightradar24 is blocking them too in general, but pretty often they are shown
  • Flightradar24 might have a better coverage in this area. An aircraft can be seen only if there is an receiver getting it’s signal

There is ADSBExchange which delivers an unfiltered view including all military (as long as they have their transponders active), but the coverage down in Afghanistan is almost zero.

This is independent from your type of subscription

Looking at FR24 now and I see a couple of transports over Afghanistan. Do they have feeders in Afghanistan? I wonder how long that will last.

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Depending on the range, these can be also located in a neighbor country.
Pakistan is close and not impossible for a feeder with good position.

Earlier the details about the covering receiver was shown per aircraft, but looks like they removed that information and replaced it with generic “ADS-B”. Currently two in the airspace.

One of them is a civil aircraft, so Flightaware would show this as well if covered by a receiver

Just checked Radarbox.
There are/were two feeder in Afghanistan, but both show offline:

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Thanks everyone for your replies. Right now on Flightaware looking at Afghanistan. The entire country is devoid of any aircraft. Many Many aircraft air in the air going around Afghanastan. So maybe flightware just does not have any feeders that cover this airspace.


In Afganistan only space-based ADS-B data


FR24 also have three feeders in Afghanistan listed, but all offline


I believe all is well on my end. I had FR 24 running on my computer and Fightaware on its dedicated RBP.
Both FR 24 and Flightaware were displaying the same data, Afghanistan no flights, but herds of aircraft going around Afghanistan. Flightaware is running well. Thanks All for your responses

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Where can you view this live? Thanks.

Check FR24 - if you see blue aircraft, these are covered space based

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OK thanks!
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