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What Aircraft Do You Operate?


Currently, a 1964 Cessna 320B. What a plane. It has tsio 470’s, burns about 30 gph, and flight plans at 180 kts. She climbs like a homesick angel, and has a single engine service ceiling of 16k+. It is a true six place aircraft, although, we have the two back seats removed …my wife LOVES to shop, and we always come back with more than we start with, ha,ha . I just did a dash upgrade with a garmin 750. Great plane, we just don’t seem to fly as much as we used to…


I fly several Cessna C172SPs G-1000, G-430, Steam Gauge and a Fleet (Fairchild) PT-26 Cornell.


Checked out in: Diamond DA20, Piper Cherokee, C172, C150. I own the C150. The C150 is the easiest to control of the bunch, the DA20 is the most fun.


guess you didn’t know. “General Aviation” simply means a LEGAL status…as in Part 91…“not fore hire”. Any airplane can be a “general aviation” airplane…and Boeing made lots of them…still does.


Now flying an SR22 G3 turbo.

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I operate/fly the PA28, C172, A36, & BE76


Experimental, Zenith Zodiac 601XL out of KZPH


I own and fly a Piper Lance (pa32r-300) now but I will always love and miss the first 172 I had. Such a great fun and realitive cheap little plane to own and fly.


Own/Fly C150 … Sometimes rent C172.


I currently own and fly a Zenith Zodiac 601XLi LSA based at Oakland International (KOAK) North Field.


Owner of a 1971 Piper Cherokee 180 (PA-28-180F).

I do occasionally get to fly my friends Beech A36 Bonanza that is powered by a RR/Allison 250 turbine engine (Tradewinds/Soloy STC). I got about 50 hours or so in it now.


Added SR22 and DA40XLS


I fly a B787-9 for a living and an A36 Bonanza for fun!


Piper Cherokee 140 all day



PA11 on floats. Low and slow to go fishing. US/Canada border.