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What Aircraft Do You Operate?




Cherokee 140. Have owned it for 23years.


Just had my first Flight Lesson Saturday in a C-152.


I now have a 2007 Cirrus SR22 TN. Love the airplane. Fly it from Oklahoma City to Buena Vista. Colorado (KAEJ) on a monthly basis.


I dont own a plane or ever have. Would love to though. But Ive been lucky to fly these: Cessna 150,152,172,182,205,206,401,421…Piper 140,180,200R,235…Beech A23, C23, A36,V35B,C90A,B200…Grumman AA1B, AA5…and my most interesting flight was a KC-135A hands on for about 20 minutes…


I operate a Cessna Cardinal 177B. It’s a wonderful aircraft. Good performance, good payload, economical to operate and looks like a sports car with wings on it!


I fly a DA-40 and currently learning the C182. Need the extra payload!!!


We currently operate a C414 and a Thunder Mustang (3/4 P-51D by Papa 51, Ltd.). Previous airplanes operated include C172. P210 and a Citabria. The most airplanes we operated simultaneously were four: the C414. Thunder Mustang, C172 and the Citabria. The 172 was used for local flying and the Citabria was used for tail wheel training. We’ve had the C414 for over twenty years-it replaced the P210 which was a good airplane but was just too small and light for our needs.


Currently an sr20, previously C182.


Cessna 172 with G1000


Piper Arrow 2


A sabreliner -65


Now flying an Aztec D


T-Saratoga R-22 :smiley:


Lear 35


1967 Cherokee Challenger 235 with knots2u speed mods…170 kts indicated
cheap but a rocket


Multiple C172M. If I hit turbulence my head bounces off the indent in the roof.

Tried to sit in the Piper Twin, don’t fit. Would have to sit sideways and my head hits the center bulkhead.

Tried to sit in the Piper Arrow, it wasn’t comfortable but I might go check out on it to make sure. My leg gets jammed up against the arm rest on the left.

Tired to sit in the Navaho, got stuck between furniture/bulkheads trying to get to the cockpit. Had to Zoidberg crab it to the front, then had trouble getting into the seat.

Really looking for something faster I can fly with my height. Starting to get disappointed.


C172 and PA28


A Rans S-12 Airaile. Is an Experimental Amateur Built Light Sport Aircraft full of plain fun! It has an semi-open cockpit and is designed to fly low and slow and enjoy the scenery with great helicopter-like visibility. Check it out on my profile. :smiley:


I don’t have a license, or money, but if I did, I’d be living in a paved-runway airpark with a C172 and a HondaJet in the hangar.