Wet Vacuum Pumps


Has anyone had experience with a wet vacuum pump manufactured by M-20 - Bill Sandman’s company? Getting tired of replacing my dry pumps and M-20 “guarantees” his wet pump for the life of the aircraft!!!


Maybe you should ask this guy about vacuum pumps. :wink:




Well, that’s ONE way to ease tension during your commute…
Now - the question remains… was it wet pump, or a dry one?


Im gonna go with wet. (thats why he passed out) :laughing:


“The man was taken to hospital with head injuries”


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I was thinking the same thing. (how do you bandage that part of the body?)

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I have no experience with wet pumps, but I’ve been interested in electric attitude indicators and heading indicators as a replacement. If removes the worry of having a vac pump fail at the worst time. I think they are certified already, I know you can use them as a backup for sure.
User CanadaMooney might have some insight on this issue…


If he did this in an airplane, would he be eligible for the Mile-High club?




Wet Vacuum pumps have been around for years!
I recently rebuilt a 1959 wood wing mooney M-20 that had a factory install GARWIN wet pump that was good as new!
they last a long time because of the oil bath of the rotor


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