"Wet" Rate


(1) I just want to say (since I’ve opened two bugs), this is AWESOME!!! :laughing:

(2) Feature request, the ability to put in a wet rate for a particular aircraft. While I realize that I can put in a wet rate in the dry rate area, and then put 0 in the fuel cost, this method is a touch cumbersome.

(3) I am slavering looking foreward to an API. Oh please, all I want for XMas is an API to this service (well, and an L-39, but I don’t think you have any of those).

~ Christopher


We’ll consider supporting a wet rate, but it’s low on the priority list since it’s only really useful for relatively local flights in rented planes.

An API for planning and filing is in the works.


What’s an API?






~ Christopher


OK … geek talk as opposed to pilot talk. All alphabet organizations seem to employ people whose sole function is to create more alphabet references. The same is true of aircraft manufacturers. Look at the lists of abbreviations from Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier and Falcon and you get the idea. I believe this is part of the description of cults, too.