Welcome to the FlightStats community


Welcome to the FlightStats community. Like you, we want the best possible travel experience and know perfectly well that price is only a piece of the puzzle. We are tired of delays, cancellations and the hassles involved in flying. This is our website.



And for those that don’t know what that means…



Plug for a website. Is this allowed? My best guess is no.



I knew what it was.

That was more of a “WTF is this doing here?” Or a “WTF” as you would use when something bad happens to you or you feel wronged.


I knew you knew what it ment. If that made any sense. Just asking if plugs for websites were allowed.


The site has some useful, though incomplete, information. Even though it says it gets its fare information directly from the airlines, it doesn’t include Southwest.

The display is somewhat cluttered. They need to use more colors to tell the difference between the Google ads and the text.

From my quick scan of it, it appears to mostly complement FlightAware rather than compete with it.

One interesting point is the airport performance. It includes not only scheduled passenger flights but also cargo flights such as Ameriflight and FedEx. On the latter, it shows its 2 letter code as FX. I know it use to be FM; has that changed?

Edit: I looked at several flights and found **no **aircraft information!

Edit: I don’t care for the duplication of data when it shows codeshare flights. There’s only one flight so show the actual aircraft operated, not the fake ones. Example: AA67076 is actually AS349.

Edit: Forget what I said about complimentary to FlightAware. It’s geared more toward the person who isn’t an enthusiast or pilot (or both) but rather someone who couldn’t tell the difference between a DC-3 and a Concorde.