Weird Routes


What happened here?
It is not supposed to take 1hr 13min or 1hr 0min
It should only take only 2-4 minutes.
If anybody has other CRAZY ROUTES please post them here.


Nothing crazy about these at all.

Looking at the flight numbers, these are probably delivery check flights

Many, if not most of the major airlines use flight numbers in the 8000 and 9000 series for ferry (e.g. delivery of new aircraft, maintenance, and charter flights.




Latenight sightseeing over Cuba? … Z/X14/KBTR


Its Evergreen. AKA Spook Flights-R-Us


Yeah spooky Air Tractors.

No way did it fly that route in 3.5 hours either. Maybe it wasn’t really a Baron…Hmmmmmmmm.


Flights that don’t look like delivery flight.


Even though they are not delivery flights, they still could be maintenance test flights or positioning flights.

My craziest flight ever was from KDTW to… KLGA. … /KDTW/KLGA


As mentioned previously, all could be maintenance flights. I’m more apt to believe the following:

Be sure to use the historical URL (the URL that appears in the address bar when you click on the flight) for the exact flight you are talking about. Because you are posting this on 11 July, I’ll show the flights for today and what I think they are. … /KBFI/KBFI survey flight … /KBFI/KBFI training flight … /KJFK/KJFK maintenance flight … /KSLC/KSLC maintenance flight that never left the local control area … /KLAX/KLAX either a maintenance flight or a flight testing the anti-missile system for airliners. Unfortunately, I can’t locate a thread that was posted here a while back on FedEx doing the test.


Looks like a fun ride, that last loop into the field looks tight.


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