Weekly Flight Data Search


Is there a way to search for data about historical airline flights for a specific time period?

I’m trying to build some data all the flights operated by an airline, including charter and positioning flights for a week’s time period. I can check the airline’s schedule to find the scheduled flights, but charter data is harder to come by.

Here’s an example of what I’m looking for:

All flights operated by Champion Airlines for the week of 9 July - 15 July, 2007. The airline is almost completely charter so data online isn’t readily available.

The data is available in FlightAware, but the only way to do it is through a lengthy and time consuming, search and check every possible flight.

Any help or suggestions would be definately appreciated!



If you’re a software developer or want to hire one, you could use DirectFlight to automate pulling the information from FlightAware.

Another option is to contact us about purchasing custom reports.