Webmin for the RPi

I was told about this program from a friend of mine. So I thought I would share it. You can setup firewalls and block IP’s coming in. A lot of things. Here is the URL that I cam across.

c-mobberley.com/wordpress/2014/0 … pberry-pi/

can you share some screenshots?


Here are a couple screenshots once you login threw the IP address. Some of the things that it can do.

You might want to fire up webmin when you need it and then turn it off after you’ve done your work… It can be quite the resource hog if you let it go.

Edit: It looks like there is a deb at http://sourceforge.net/projects/webadmin/files/webmin/1.760/ if you want the latest version and don’t want to use the tarball install. Just dpkg -i the deb (and it’s cleaner to get rid of the package if you later find you don’t want it installed.)