Web site applet?

Hi, folks. Been a member on this site for a little while now. I love FA.

I’m not a Web developer…just a newbie that is helping his brother by creating a Web site for the small company that he works for.

Does FA, by chance, offer a free (hopefully free) or low-cost Web applet that I can use to add live flight status to the Web site?

Something like this…

I’d think that A LOT of people would be interested in a feature like this!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you,


The two options right now are to either link to FlightAware or program a DirectFlight implementation.

Thanks. I looked at the DirectFlight section earlier. Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer.

Are there any developers out there who would be willing to develop this kind of application? If so, perhaps you can own the code and make some money by selling the app to others?

Please advise and thanks!