Web interface issue - extending interval planes displayed

Since we live in an area with low traffic I have always extended the interval that an inactive plane is displayed on the web interface from the default 58 sec to up to 300 seconds. Never had any trouble in the past - just changed the value in planeObject.js.

But today I’ve had to reimage my memory card, and I made the same change, refreshed the web page and also tried rebooting but planes are all being cleared at 58 seconds.

Cannot figure what I’m doing wrong - is there another file I have forgotten about?


Check this section in the script.js as well (mine set at 360 as you can see):

// This looks for planes to reap out of the master Planes variable
function reaper() {
//console.log(“Reaping started…”);

    // Look for planes where we have seen no messages for >360 seconds
    var newPlanes = ];
    for (var i = 0; i < PlanesOrdered.length; ++i) {
            var plane = PlanesOrdered*;
            if (plane.seen > 360) {
                    // Reap it.                                
                    plane.tr = null;
                    if (plane.icao === "000000") {
                            delete PlanesNoHex[plane.squawk];
                    } else {
                            delete Planes[plane.icao];
            } else {
                    // Keep it.

    PlanesOrdered = newPlanes;


I checked this code and the value is set for 300 and verified that the value in planeObject.js is also 300.

Unfortunately planes still disappear after 58 seconds. Since I had no issues changing values in the past, this is a mystery.

Not a big deal. Maybe I’ll start also displaying with view1090-fa which I used to run continuously for a quick view of plane count

Thanks for the response.


Which bit of planeObject did you edit, here is mine:

// If no packet in over 358 seconds, clear the plane.
if (this.seen > 358) {
            if (this.visible) {
                    //console.log("hiding " + this.icao);
                    this.visible = false;
		if (SelectedPlane == this.icao)
} else {
            if (this.position !== null && (this.selected || this.seen_pos < 360)) {
		this.visible = true;
		if (this.updateTrack(receiver_timestamp - last_timestamp + (this.position_from_mlat ? 30 : 5))) {
                    } else { 
                            this.updateMarker(false); // didn't move
            } else {
		this.visible = false;


This time I compared your code snippet line-for-line with my copy of planeObject.js, and made the two changes (though in my case for 300 seconds) and it still purges planes at 58 seconds. Truthfully, I had overlooked changing the second value about half-way down the first go-around, but that din’t make any difference it seems

The time has come for me to rebuild a new image. Still a mystery though, since other changes I made such as circle radii – are taking effect.

Anyway, I appreciate your patience and help but this is still confounding me. When this is resolved (hopefully) I will report back.


Hmmm odd, it might be elsewhere. Make sure you clear cache and reload page too, sometimes you need to do that to get a change to go.

I always restart the browser (which clears the cache) and usually reboot the RPi for good measure, especially when things don’t work as planned.

This morning I redownloaded the 3.1.0 image and reconfigured everything but still no luck. Site circles and center marker working fine though.

I used to install piaware and dump1090-mut onto an existing system but a few weeks back decided to use the downloaded 3.1.0 image to get the new map bundle which I had been unable to install properly.

Which approach do you use? Do you know if there could be any differences in the html stuff between the image and just installing piaware?


When reimaging with the same version, I backup the entire HTML directory. If there is a version upgrade I check for changes in each file by doing a side by side in Notepad++, I’ll do that here to see if I can find that setting for you, just need to dig up the original unaltered files…

Most appreciated. It’s frustrating because in the past whenever I finally figured out how to accomplish a custom modification i was always able to repeat it - keep notes and backup copies of any major change.

I do all my changes on a 4GB card, image copy and then flash to another memory card (usually 16GB) and expand to fill the space available.


There is code in scripts.js, near the top of the function refreshTableInfo() that hides an airplane’s table row after 58 seconds without new messages.

Found the code you mentioned and changed the value to 298 but still drops planes at 58 secs. I searched again in the three relevant files for any other occurrences of 58 but there are none.

But thanks for the tip…maybe eventually it will dawn on me what’s going on.


Forgot to mention:

Although aircraft are still being cleared from the table after 58 seconds, the aircraft icons remain visible for 298 seconds , and the pop-up aircraft info window is available also for 298 secs.

At least that aspect is working which means i can get along without the aircraft in the table.