Weather PANC


All heavies scheduled to go into PANC tonite as of 22:00 hrs are being diverted to PAFA. Weahter at PANC is Fog visibility 1/8 miles for the last two plus hrs. as of 23:18 we have had 3 747s andan md-11 land here. We are equiped to handle at least 12 heavies. after that they will be diverted to Eilson Airforce Base. This is a spotters paradise. Since none of the heavies have a relief crew they have to take their mandatory rest period before continuing their flights. So in the morning I may just go out there camera in hand and see what we have here.


Someone correct me if I’m wrong (and I very well may be)…

But isn’t PAFA a FedEx hub, while PANC is the UPS hub? If so, wouldn’t PAFA be able to accommodate more than 12 heavies before ferrying them off to PAEI?



No PANC is the Hub for all cargo operations in Alaska. We have satelitte hubs for UPS and FEDEX here. The last Major Cargo OPs was Lufthansa several yrs ago.


PAFA is the hub to nowhere. If you’re based in PAFA your basically in hell and in the winter it has frozen over (6 winter pro)


Flyboy97222 Are you one of those Pilots I read or hear about that are fair weather freinds? Alaska has some of the most beautiful country in the world. We Alaskans don’t quit when it gets cold. We simply dress appropiately and for whatever season we have a sport. Come on up here this winter when its -60 degrees and we have several feet of snow and I’ll show you around unless you are afraid of anything under 50 degrees where you might get frost bite or are afraid of the dark.


Dude- I use to live in Galena, and Faribanks. I spent 6 winters up there flying, hunting and fishing.

I’ve seen -54 and had frost bite on my nose and cheeks.


So why are you bad mouthing the State? Things not work out? It seems like more people that come up here dont stay very long like you did so anyone that wasn’t born here or has been a minimum of 10 YEARS I wouldn’t ever consider them an ALASKAN ever. By the way I am not a DUDE. I am a ALASKAN NATIVE and proud of it.


WHOA there… I wasn’t bad mouthing the state. I simply said that Fairbanks isn’t a Fedex hub, it’s where you go if you want to drive a C208 or a PA-31 the rest of your carrier.

I loved living in Alaska.