We are looking for qualified and creative writers! (Part II)


We are looking for qualified and creative writers!

$7.00 per 275 words? Let’s see here… If I wanna make $30,000 a year, I’d have to type 98,214 words a month! If I look on the bright side, that’s really only 24,554 words per week, or just 4,900 words per day if I want weekends off. OOOoooops, looks like I gots to go back to skool for four years and get a masturs degree :cry:

Anyway. I don’t type a character for less than $275 per 7 words! (I make a fortune posting messages for flightAware.com! :wink: )


What’s the " cut and paste " rate??? :wink:


For some reason my offer to work for Nicole didn’t stay posted. Basically, here’s what I said:

I have good english skills. I always meat deadlines unless Idon’t meet them. I always reply promptly, no matters how long it takes. I have a master of phd degree (master of piling it higher and deepr).

So, sista Nicole, when can I start?


Since the topic of creating writing had nothing to do with aviation or flight tracking, can’t these two threads be deleted all together?

At least get rid of the URL in the postings so they don’t get any business from spamming these forums.



I do that for free as a public service! Copyin’ and pastin’ your little question (including the smiley) would’ve been another $275 in my pocket!

Sure it did - in the original thread that was locked. CLICK HERE to view it.

Awwwww, c’mon! we need a little ice breaker like this to blow off some steam! Looks like the good folks at FA removed the addresses…


Good folks of flight aware did get rid of the URL. THANKS!

I just have zero tolerance / patience for spammers. :laughing: