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While on the subject of unknown 3 letter codes,I saw “WDR39” on the flight tracker routing KAPC-KDAL as a LJ30.The history section also shows a LJ60
as well.The aircraft(s) appear to be based in Dallas,TX.

I do not see a tie-up for the code WDR,as I tried the FAA contractions sec tion,the FAA website,RSVPair website and others.

It appears that it may be a private individual using his/her initials as a callsign.Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



Wind Rider is the callsign, I think it is a 135 charter.


we were just chatting about this subject this morning / based on my limited Part 135 experience there are several categories of call signs

Lifeguard N804TF (Martinair is flying an organ flight… or patient)
Martinair 708 (Martinair has a regular canned flight plan… served by multiplen N#'s)
Ghostrider 89 (Military flight flown by Martinair under discreet code)

Not sure if “Ghostrider” type names have ever been given to civi planes / but I heard plenty of “Ghostrider” and “Skiier” call signs in Vermont as the Green Mountain Boys went out to play in the restricted airspace over the white mountains.

More on Martinair here: rsvpair.com/viewOperator/1309.html

Flightaware is pretty cool, since using one of their tail #'s I can see “what” Martinair did last night… which is interesting.


Anyway… enough geek airplane talk for now… Back to work!


i forgot to add two more (duh!) basic ones

N804TF (just N804TF’s going for a Part 91 flight)


TN804TF (N804TF operating under Part 135)

in my fun times as charter slave for these guys www.avantair.com I noticed that few if any carriers actually bother to put the “T” in when operating for hire… and naturally a whole slew of them want to make their movements “secret” for all kinds of reasonable and paranoid reasons


WDR39 or more generally, WDRXX where “XX” is a number; is a 135 charter operator. WDR stands for Windrider and each Captain has his own unique number. Company is Airnet, operator is Jetride.


Updated our database to reflect Jetride/Airnet “Wingrider”


601EG is correct.
dbaker, it’s actually Wind Rider, although ATC will call us Wind Runner, Wind River, Rough Rider among other things. :slight_smile:


I noticed you updated the WDR prefix, but you have it listed as “wingrider”… it’s actually “Windrider”


Oops – fixed. It’ll catch up on the web site by tomorrow.