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WCAG 2.1 and FlightXML2

Is it possible to get the images returned by the MapFlight and MapFlightEx functions to be WCAG2.1 compliant?

Accessibility of images is typically done by using <img alt=""> attributes in your linking HTML, which would be the responsibility of your application.

Sorry but that is not what I am asking. Do you know what Web Content Accessibility Guidelines covers?


They are a set of recommendations for making Web content more accessible, primarily for people with [disabilities]—but also for all [user agents] including highly limited devices, such as mobile phones.

My answer is the same. That is the responsibility of your application and not of MapFlight/MapFlightEx, since there is only limited image customization available with those functions.

If you wish to render the map differently to make it more accessible, that is entirely possible by using the data returned by FlightInfoEx/GetHistoricalTrack/AirportInfo/DecodeFlightRoute and plotting the positions yourself.

So who is responsible for the style rendering of the images created by MapFlight API? Is the current format never going to improve in any way? How does someone go about seeking improvements to the product in cases like this?

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There are no plans to alter or improve the rendering of the static images returned by MapFlight/MapFlightEx since those are considered frozen, production APIs in FlightXML2. (The appearance and functionality of that static image map was originally designed for use on our own mobile website, however we no longer use it there and now maintain it only as a legacy feature for FlightXML2.)

In the upcoming FlightXML3 we are planning on introducing a new mapping function, however it’ll likely move away from static server-generated images and shift towards client-side rendered Javascript maps that can be iframed or displayed in a browser-control. No timeframe is available for that new functionality.

Hello Flightaware,

Regarding Maps/Imagery functionalities in FlightXML3, we are still waiting for that feature since you released the beta API, some years ago. Because of that, we are using these methods from FlightXML2 and had to use 2 different APIs, FlightXML2 and 3. We just needed one. When we subscribed your services we were expecting a stable release, but till now, nothing. You had plans and timelines when you released the API to release an “finished”/stable API, but soon you dropped any timeline. You also have some problems reported in this forum to improve the API. Still waiting for some feedback on some of them also.

Hoping good news this here.