Waveshare LCD Fan Case Question

Hi there,

I just purchased the Waveshare LCD per the link to Amazon to upgrade my ADSB tracking site.

What a great addition for $24 and works very nicely.

The only problem is that I had to remove the top of my Pi3B+ case to install the display and therefore lost the fan capability that was built into the lid.

Does anybody know of a Pi3B+ case that has a fan that also allows for the Waveshare LCD to be installed?


Do you know any friends with a 3D printer? Screwable case for Raspberry Pi + 3.5" Display + Fan // Klipper // Octoprint by DaLimster - Thingiverse

Oh wow that’s great !
Unfortunately I dont know anybody with a 3D printer.

A web search is your friend: pi case for lcd screen with fan at DuckDuckGo turns up loads of Pi 4 cases that support both LCD screens and fans.

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