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Watching planes land at ORD - a NO GO...Saga continues...

SOOOOO…today I let a friend use my car (I needed hers more than she needed mine). She was pulled over and ticketed in the car. The officer who pulled the car over claimed that an “automatic license plate scan” had “hit” on the car. So, he lit her up and pulled her over.

She did not have the proof of insurance (that I have in my wallet). After the cop got her information he asked her to step out and stand at the rear of his vehicle. Shortly after another police car arrived. The police asked her why it was she was in the car, who she got it from, where she knew me from and what she was doing on a road that is not a half mile from her home.

She got a ticket for no proof of insurance, and let the car be searched. They of course found nothing. They asked her how she knew me.

I really think this is crap - I mean. Why would I ever think that someone in my car would be harassed for being in my car? Happenstance, I was not the driver…what if I was? They never did tell her what the original just cause of the stop was…other than a “hit” on some license plate thing.

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You need to file a Freedom of Information request with that police department to determine WHY you’re in their scofflaw/wanted/person of interest database and get yourself removed from same.

Good luck. For the record I also have a very low tolerance for overly officious members of law enforcement.

Any follow up on this matter??

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That is a typical attitude of anyone who doesn’t like to follow the rules. It’s also one of the dangerous attitudes for a pilot.

And that is the typical response of someone unable to read with comprehension.

And that is the typical response of someone with large bicuspids.

Now THAT’S humor… you should use that writer to do some captions…