Watch this

Has anyone ever flown this low and fast before??? … tm&id=2195

Yes, I have, as have thousands of others, but WHY is this in Airlines?

Do you mean WHY?

Pretty low!



Sleep with one eye open…

Wish I could do that!

Be glad you don’t have to, unlike him!

All I can say is, “4 minutes to download a 3MB file…? Their server must be connected to the Internet via dial-up!”

Only took a few seconds for me on a 6MB FIOS pipe.

I dunno… I can download a 20MB file from Garmin in 1/2 the time it takes to download that little three-point-niner from the link upstairs. I just now did both, so I know my connection is fine. Guess there’s something in the way their packets are routed through to my ISP… Oh well…