WARNING ABOUT changing username

I used live chat to change my username and the following resulted from flight feeders at home and work.

  1. My Site ID’s changed. No big issues but that was odd.
  2. My locations changed to a hundred miles tot he west for both feeders.
  3. All my status/ranking was gone; rest to zero with the new Site ID’s. The older ones are still seen when doing a search on the country but no longer feeding.

This is devastating. I spent a hundred hours putting the antenna on a 40 foot crankup tower to improve coverage. Installed expensive LMR600 low loss antenna cable. Purchased a preamp, my own antenna and flightaware USB stick, filter, and PI unit; and have a redundant backup system in case of failure; plus the additional feeder at work to support MLAT.

Its ALL GONE! 4 million hits in a month GONE.

How do I get it back. Yes, Ranking and all the hard work invested into this project is very important to me.

Please advise.

Unfortunately, changing your username makes the stats system think that your site has been transferred to a new user, so a new site is created. There is no particularly easy way to reverse this, though I’ll mention it to the stats system developer again. If you’re willing to wait 30 days, your ranking will be back to normal with the new sites. The shift in location is just the usual estimation of receiver position from received data (it’s very inaccurate) - you should manually reset the site location.

(I can probably remap the sites by hand - but it is untested and it would require that you entirely shut down the sites for 24-48 hours)

I feel your pain, well, to a degree. I spent a good week or so improving my system, ended up with a flightstick pro plus, and an antenna (homemade spider) on a 30 foot mast with LMR-400. Climbed the rankings to #5, and then they started having the database problems… haha. I did want to change my username, glad I didn’t attempt to. Hope they can get it worked out!

PS are you a ham? de K8DJW

I do complement the Flightaware staff; Awesome customer service (Jessica tried her best) but I only wished she warned me; I would have never changed. it. It was my Full name, then I was able to change it to my last name. but I live on a small island, I would rather not have my name posted.

OBJ; if you can manually fix this; I would appreciate it.

I am confused about what happens in 30 days… My Stats will regain the 4 million plots and # of aircraft seen? Each feeder has stats; I am currently running two; How does the database combine the two old with the two new, or does the system combine all feeders from the same user into one listing? Im still a new feeder; the first one was put on line about a month ago.

David, yes I’m a ham. USA (N6PJC), Japan 7J1ADJ. I also download the LEO cubesat data which also has a ranking system… I have a 20 element VHF cross yagi on a Yaesu G5400 az/el rotor tied to a TRKBOX which follows/tracks the ISS and LEO Sats automatically.

The newest LEO I’m tracking is NAYIF-1 (EO-88) ; I’m #24 at the moment. data.amsat-uk.org/nayif1/ranking.html

I have also been uploading data to AO-73 and UKUBE-1

warehouse.funcube.org.uk/ranking … elliteId=1

warehouse.funcube.org.uk/ranking … elliteId=2

I have about 10 SDR dongles/boxes; fund stuff.

My next project is to put a SDR on my DJI Drone during a LEO pass and see how much data I can get throughout the pass with an antenna up 400 feet feeding my home wifi. I am concerned about the SDR wifi interfering with the drone control wifi so haven’t done that yet.



Ok. The gotcha is that the site needs to be offline over the 0000Z day transition (today’s has passed) through until it is reassigned. Also, this will switch you back to your old site and so you will have a hole in your stats (or at least the stats will be spread across 2 sites). Send me a PM and we can coordinate the timing if you still want to go ahead.

I am confused about what happens in 30 days… My Stats will regain the 4 million plots and # of aircraft seen?

The totals you see are across the last 30 days, not across all time. So after 30 days you reach a stable state where old data is rolling off at about the same rate that new data is being added.