Want Advanced learning of what we do?

ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Aeronautics-a … /index.htm

MIT OpenCourseware offers FREE collage level courses

Fluidics, fluid mechanics and boundary layers???

No thanks, had my fill of those when I got my naval architecture degree 40 years ago.

Ditto Here!
Just thought some of the younger guys might be interested!

With a K&E slipstick!

Still got my old Log Log Duplex around here somewhere. Best slipsticks ever and, like yours truly, 100% made in Hoboken, NJ!

If I wasn’t such a lazy old man I’d probably at least audit that course, if only to keep the synapses firing. It’s actually quite intriguing.

But, that’s the same thought process that resulted in my getting my A+, NET+, MCP and MCSE certifications, i.e. just to prove I still could.

But kinda expensive, unless you’re in the business isn’t it? Or did you do it on your own without any courses?

I did it on my own with self-study aids except for the MCSE.