Waiting in line versus the 7X

A prime example of why business aircraft are invaluable. Consider the cost to the shareholder when a CEO making millions of dollars per year (figure it out per hour) is sitting on a tarmac this long:

AirTran flight delayed nine hours

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 29 (UPI) –

A recent AirTran Airways flight from Columbus, Ohio, to Orlando, Fla., took more than 12 hours to complete thanks to a 9-hour delay, a passenger says.

AirTran Flight 373 passenger Julie Ralston said despite spending hours sitting on a Columbus airport tarmac this week, the airline managed to leave her luggage behind, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel said Thursday.

How many deals were lost in that time? Reliable and speedy transportation is not a luxury for someone in that position. Unless you consider running a successful enterprise a luxury…

Also, a side note, the 7X was selling for well over $60M last year when they and other super long range aircraft delivery slots were selling at serious premiums.

  1. CEO’s don’t get paid by the hour, cost is exactly the same. Not likely to be flying AirTran. Nice try. :laughing:

  2. Lost deals? That might save money considering the losses these guys have been stacking up lately. :laughing:

C. Hard to feel for the multi million dollar ceo, when the real money makers are getting laid off by the thousands.

Ceo’s are only worth millions when they make money, otherwise the are overpaid figure heads. IE Thain, Pandit, and my personal favorite Dickey boy Fuld.

Thanks for your reply. I believe those points are true on several accounts. But my overall point was not executive compensation but rather the net gain in productivity from the jet.

Are these things toys? Yes, a lot of people use them as toys. But more importantly, they’re time machines. Commercial simply is not an option for high productivity positions.

Simply owning one shouldn’t damn you for money laundering or even recklessness. It should be abused first before that happens. Otherwise it’s just saving time and money.

Please don’t think this means I am for them spending tax-payer money on this. By ‘this’ I mean, their businesses… any of them. That’s a separate issue. Just because we ARE spending the money on them, shouldn’t mean they now play with their hands tied behind their backs.

i said it another post in this thread. I now agree with the economics of having a business jet. productivity is key reason for having a bizjet. my mind has been changed, by reasonable explanations.

deef… Why are you such an angry cynic?

  1. They may not be paid “by the hour” :unamused: but it’s still lost productivity regardless!

  2. Prime example of your angry cynicism…

  3. The “multi million dollar ceo” is the leader put in place by the BOD and majority shareholders. It is what it is, and you have no choice in the matter. They’re sometimes charged to make the tough decisions for the benefit of the BOD and the shareholders. It can be a very thankless and unpopular position.

You have no right to stereotype the thousands of corporate leaders based on the abuses of some. They’re just as affected by this difficult economy, and in most cases they’re just trying to do the best they can with what they have to work with.

For example…and hypothetically speaking…the leadership of this fine website called FlightAware are probably experiencing some difficulty in pursuing their business plan. And I’m sure that they’ve had to make some difficult and unpopular decisions. Does that make them evil for continuing to take home their periodic paychecks?

“You”…can only control what “you” can control… The rest is just wasted energy and emotion.

Why do you feel the need to counter my opinion. Did I hit a nerve with this? It’s just one man’s opinion. I never said anyone was evil, so don’t put words in my mouth. Greedy maybe, not evil. I have every right to express my opinion. Notice the :laughing: emoticon, so lighten up and go have a beer. My comments were directed at the Citidroop CEO (The 7x reference in the title) not any random CEO’s. Also john Thain and Vikram Pandit. Only names I used so don’t assume. Cheers :wink:

Is there a problem with debate? I fully recognize your “opinion”. But in that recognition it’s apparent that maybe you’ve formed your “opinion” without considering all of the facts. I’m merely sharing some of those facts so that you, and others, have more factual information at your disposal when forming your “opinion”. :wink:

Thank You.

LOL… Touche’ :laughing:

thats the facts jack!!!

Did Congress pass a law forbidding Citi from chartering a BBJ?

i dont know but we should get a law passed banning stupidity and ignorance. :unamused:

What would we do with all those Congressmen and Senators?!?

i knew that was coming. they would be the first in the unemployment line. no one would hire them and then they would be bitching about not having a job :question: :question: :smiling_imp:

They’ve all lined their pockets. They don’t work now and they don’t have to work in the future.

but what happens when they spend it all.?? I and nobody will hire them?? wouldnt even let them flip burgers, at mcd’s.