VRS Win10 Local Access - Going Mad



I am having problems with Win10 Firewall as I am mainly an Ubuntu Linux user.

VRS runs fine on my Linux machine, can adjust firewall to allow local and internet access, problem is I am having problems updating VRS to latest version.

Now, my Win10, which I don’t use much, I have the latest version, runs fine on local machine but unable to access via other machines on network.

I tried allowing application through Firewall Public and Private but no response.

On my Win10 machine as I use it rarely I only have Microsoft Security for firewall and Windows Defender.

Any possible suggestions appreciated.



When you installed VRS on Windows, did you accept its ‘offer’ to handle the firewall? If not, suggest you re-install VRS.

As for upgrading, sometimes is better to remove the previous version altogether, and do a fresh install. I use Revo Uninstaller to clean all residues from previous installations.


Not sure if I accepted offer, not very familiar with Windows. Can of course reinstall, will give that a go.

Didn’t upgrade, latest version on Windows10 but 2.4 on Linux which worked fine until I started getting problems with Google maps. On the Linux machine it needs a program called mono, which I have and works perfectly with the old version on VirtualRadar but I get error messages with the latest version.



That worked a treat - thanks.

Can do firewalls on Linux but Windows bit of a mystery.