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VRS: Questions about Web Site | Initial Settings

I know this isn’t the VRS forum, but answers there are few and far between. Having said that…

I’ve been using VRS for years and I finally decided to get serious about a couple of initial settings that I prefer.

First, when I open VRS in a browser the first thing I do is go into Options and uncheck Hide aircraft not on map. I went into my server’s initial settings and changed

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This is honored by the web browser.

The second thing I always change in Options is Aircraft Trails | Show only for the selected aircraft. I don’t see a place in Initial Settings where I can have this setting be the default. Can you tell me how to set that?

Finally, in Initial Settings I have

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yet when I open VRS in the browser, Options always shows the British flag, rather than the US flag (English United States). How can I make English United States the default option using Initial settings?


I believe the options you need for setting Aircraft Trails are


I don’t see anywhere in initial settings that you can set the Language or Locale.

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I even do not have a US flag which i can select. Maybe the developers located in the UK did not think about that?

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strange - I’m in England and I have one.


Which version do you use?

I am operating V3.0 Preview 5 and US is not in
There is an additional language pack, but for other ones

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I went with 2.44 stable

I guess there’s a difference

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Maybe, but i did not find major differencies on the Linux version.

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It is the same for me on the Windows version of 2.44.

There is option of English United States.

That did it. Thanks! Did you learn that by trial and error? Is there a page somewhere that describes all the variables?

Version I’m in the US and my Windows version is English US.


Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it! You saved me countless mouse clicks. :laughing:

My main issue as showing trails just for the selected aircraft. I can live with the British flag. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on the display.

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This an update to my previous reply. I changed trailDisplay to “b” and then the trail was shown only for the selected aircraft. However, changing trailType to “b” then defaulted to the trail showing position only, not position and altitude.

By doing some digging in a Macrium Reflect backup of my server, I located “E:\Users\joe\AppData\Local\VirtualRadar\Configuration.xml” and I could see where the initial settings were stored before I changed trailType to “b”. It had been previously set to “d”. When I changed this to “d” in my working VRS initial settings, the default changed to “position and altitude”.


So, again thanks for the reply. I learned some new things about VRS today!

I followed the instructions here: https://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Documentation/WebServer/WebSiteOptions.aspx#initial-settings and figured out what was changed when I exported the settings.

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