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VRS data used - Dodgy?

I appreciate this isn’t a VRS support forum but there’s so little activity there that this seems a sensible place to ask the question.

I’ve noticed someone connected to my VRS server continually for about a week and they’re using a significant amount of traffic thus:

It seems that all they’re sucking is /AircraftList.json and nothing else and have taken nearly 80Gb worth of data from me in a week. The IP address is somewhere in Eastern Europe, not somewhere I’d expect to have an interest in traffic between the Netherlands and all over the UK.

This looks a little suspicious to me, what could someone be doing with this data?


Maybe they’re using it to feed their own VRS instance or something similar. It’s a bit inconsiderate to continuously pull data though.

Are you using the VRS built in web server, or do you have it proxied? I think the built in one is a bit limited for access control.

Just the built in web server. I’ve added a rule to the Windows firewall to block that IP and of course, it’s killed it stone dead.

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I had been monitoring your site in jan/feb alot but not this month sorry
i got to excited lol " http://essexradar.co.uk:747/tar1090/"

That’s fine, I have no problem with people using it, that’s what it’s there for but this herbert sitting connected 24/7 and just reading the json is taking the piss.