Visualized commercial traffic


Flight patterns as seen by the FAA:

Flight Patterns

Very nicely displayed, but I do have a question. Two of the plots clearly show a destination in the Pacific ocean that I don’t recognize:

(the “Color Coded” plot and the “US as seen by the FAA” plot)

Any idea what that endpoint is?


Possibly due to early arrival messages. … awaii.html


But it’s only planes that cross that one point in particular. Other planes go whizzing by to the north and south, and a couple actually fly over the point and continue on.

I’ve tried triangulating distances to plot the location on my GPS software, but nothing shows in that area. I then scoured the location on Google Earth and found something called “Hachiko Crossing from the bridge” at N37 05 49.7 W140 43 34.3. No hits come up for the entire string on Google, but “HACHIKO CROSSING”, located in Tokyo, is apparently the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world. That is apparently a misplaced waypoint because if you change the coordinates to N37 05 49.7 E140 43 34.3, it falls right into Tokyo.

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing there at the endpoint in question.


Perhaps flights from Asia to Mexico / Central America / South America. The endpoint could be the point in space FAA hands over control of aircraft to controllers to the south.

Sure looks to me like there should be an island there by looking at the pattern.


I thought that also at first, but there are almost as many flights from the W/SW terminating there as flights from the N/NW.


That’s the spot that Tom Hanks was stuck in during “Castaway” :laughing:


Maybe they paved a strip on GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.

…and if you’ve got 3 minutes and 14 seconds to spare, check out “STAIRWAY TO GILLIGAN’S ISLAND”…


wow reminds me of a trip i once took back in the 70;s