Vista Gadget


Any plans to create a gadget for Windows Vista?



#3 … debar.mspx

Here is some info on them…they are little applications that run in the background.


I think that FlightAware should stay away from using resources to develop Vista gadgets for a while. As with ANY new operating system from Micro$oft, Vista will have a lot of bugs in it. I, for one, do not plan on getting Vista until it has been out for at least a year, probably longer.


Which is the case for a lot of people, myself included, and it doesn’t make sense to develop add-ons that a lot of people don’t have access to. Maybe sometime in the future, when we see if most people even use gadgets in the first place.


Our cough wonderful cough IT department was talking about Vista the other day. I guess, unlike the past, the gubment is not going to allow Mr. Gates to profit on his *$ck ups and any updated versions, patches, etc. must be GIVEN to people who pay for the original versions.


It sounds like Micro$oft is developing widgets like those used in Yahoo and the Opera browser. My experience is that they are a waste of time and computer resources.


Like all things, they seem to have taken an established feature, make it slightly less functional and user friendly, and release it as their own.


I’ve been running it for almost a year now and it’s remarkably bug free. But, like every new Micro$oft OS, it’s a resource hog.


I heard it takes a long time to boot up.


I’m sure that also depends on your computer’s performance. If you install it on older systems designed for XP and older, it’s going to be slower.



Just because YOU decide to stay behind doesn’t mean the rest of the world should stay with you.

(Who has Vista and hopes to see PROGRESS).


10 seconds on my Dell Optiplex. 3.4 GHz processor with 2 Gig RAM.



The fact is, though, a lot of people ARE staying with him.


Sooo, you don’t upgrade just because some people are staying behind.

Give me a choice of my Garmin vs VOR, ADF or LORAN…

I’d hope you get the gist…

In otherwords, just because one doesn’t want to upgrade is their choice.

To suggest not using resources to develop for the new future standard operating system is ludicrous.

The fact is that new computer buyers won’t have a choice, They get Vista, so you exclude those users from using the full capability of their system? I doubt it.

Think of it another way… By the time those folks that don’t change are forced to change to Vista, whether it be by hook or crook, the resources used before them to develop stable programs wasn’t wasted, was it?



You’re completely overreacting to this whole thing.

Basically, why waste time developing something that does not add much to the site, for an operating system that hasn’t even been released yet. Cut all the “customers have a choice” crap. It’s simple business, do you want to waste a lot of time and resources on a product that few people would benefit from, even if Vista were as popular as XP?


How do you know it’s something that few people would benefit from? As you said, the operating system is not out.

Must be some merit to gadgets if there was an inquiry?

Again, my point is that if one person benefits, then it’s not wasted resources.

Remember the saying, one man’s trash is another man’s gold. Goes the same for gadgets. Just because you may not see it’s usefulness doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to conform.

I am all for progress…



Not really, about 30 seconds on my T41P (1.7GHz PentiumM, 2GB RAM) and about 25 seconds on my T60P (CoreDuo T2700, 4GB RAM).


You should all buy Macs anyway. :unamused: