View Certain airline aircraft


IS there a way to view say only United 747’s? :question: :slight_smile:


I believe the staff has said that’s coming up.

I wonder if it might be faster if they enabled column sorting (ascending/descending) on all table pages. That way, if you view all 747s, even though there’s more than UAL’s there, you could group them by airline.

Column sorting would kill more than one bird with the same stone, btw.


As tobyz1 suggested, look at the type page sorted in descending order by ident. The UA 747s are in the first dozen or so entries.

tobyz1: You can sort columns on the type pages, just click the text at the top of the column (and the arrow to reverse sort order).


Thanks for that tidbit of information, mduell. I had never tried to column-sort a page here. One picks up useful knowledge every day here. :slight_smile: