Vienna Philharmonic Aircraft


The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is touring North America this March.
They start in New York on 03-March. Not sure of the flight number yet, but here is a link to their specially decalled Airbus 340. … z_news=433

Up here in Canada, eh? :wink:


The flight to New York, reportedly, will take place on Wednesday 01-March.
Maybe someone in this group can supply more details.

Up here in Canada, eh? :wink:


If it helps the tail number is OE-LAL.
This a/c has also done regularly scheduled flights to KIAD-Washington Dulles on the daily Austrian flight so civilians have a chance to fly on it too.

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I tried to find the flight using departures from Vienna (VIE). Presumably, the FlightAware code is EVIE. That airport is unknown to FA.


Vienna’s airport code is LOWW.


Thanks for the ‘LOWW’ code. Based on that, I see no airport departure to KJFK that would carry the Vienna Philharmonic.