Video - watch out for Cows when flying . . .


Video Where’s the Beef???


That’s sad.
How can you miss a frikkin COW for fu&$'s sake… poor cow.


Flying beef tenderizer!

They clip it with an aileron apparently. The Moth is notoriously difficult to see forward in, look at how close they come to that pole in the field.


Is it just me or are those guys obvlivious to what they did? They seemed to have no reaction.


No rearview mirror on the Moth.


I’m with you, that Photoshop is pretty good these days. When you think of what a birdstrike can do, I think a 700 pound cow would probably be like hitting a truck.


HOLY COW! :open_mouth:

I’m sorry, but that just cracks me up! Adds a new dimension to the cow tipping craze. :smiling_imp: