Video of 747 off runway

This is a good, albeit amateur, video of a 747 going off a runway…

Think I posted that exact same video from youtube…

Actually, I posted this same video a week ago.

Try using the search feature.

Subtle, very subtle…

More and more are falling in line…the plan is working!!!

Actually, I was wondering if it was the same one, but work has all of those sites blocked, so I couldn’t post without being 100% certain…NO FUN!!

I’ve been “in line” all the time, you just didn’t know it.

TO THE WEBMASTERS: You can delete this topic as it seems to offend some of the older, crankier members. I sure hate getting them all riled up when I like the FlightAware product, just can’t take these guys who …oh well, I won’t go on…you may delete…

Dude, lighten the hell up! Take all our $.02 collectively and go buy yourself a sense of humor!

I’m not …old!

I’m not offended. I don’t get offended easily. Honestly. I do believe, however, that the best dish to be served cold is revenge!

magnetoz: Is your avatar your plane? If so, what’s the registration? (Hey, everybody, I asked a question that can’t be easily answered by Google. I’m so proud of myself!)

It’s not my plane, but i do get to fly it occasionally. N702SP.


Unfortunately, it’s not trackable.

Yep, its been blocked. Sorry…

You sell Google short, dami. Google has 3 hits on [magnetoz avatar].

If you think this is people getting offended, you obviously don’t visit internet forums very much. :wink:

Whoops. Thats coming out of your pay check. So essentially you will be making no money for the next couple…years

Uh…WTF is that about?

I found 4 and half were from the FA thread.