VFR Proceedure/Decision Analysis


Scenario observation and cockpit descrepency between 2 pilots regarding an in-flight decision about terrain,altitude,and proximity of another aircraft at the same time…


Is that a question? If so I vote to take the safest way out then discuss it later.


Give us some more info…

I used to do a lot of low level work that scared the s*** out of the new guys as I trained them. There was a very big discrepancy in our safety level and the other pilots SA until they finished training and got more experience in the mission. It would have been reckless and dangerous for them to conduct the flights solo but it was relatively safe for me too. Also sometimes they would be taking us into a very bad situation and were totally unaware and upset when I took the controls.

I second John’s comment, get safe then discuss it.


PIC should have been decided on the ground and respected accordingly unless it’s a situation where the 2nd pilot sees an immediate course of action needed to save skin.