VFR flights

I am really interested in watching the DC3’s,however,most of them fly VFR,is there any way we can start tracking these planes?,I have a friend who flys a DC3 out of Opa Locka,Fla.(a cargo operation),he says flying IFR is too time consuming and that means extra fuel burned,gotta watch the bottom line you know?,I would really like to watch his flights,he flys IFR only very rarely.

Please see the FAQ and specifically flightaware.com/about/faq.rvt#ifradditionalinfo for reasons why VFR flights cannot be tracked.


capnvic, Does your buddy fly this one?

I took that in Opa Locka a few weeks ago.

It looks a heck of a lot like this one, taken at Oshkosh.

But both look a heck of a lot better than this one, back in Opa Locka, poor thing looks like it’s weathered a few hurricanes:

What’s up with the tail on n32tn? Is there an STC for an aftermarket tail?

Its a “Super DC-3”. Originally an US Navy RD4-6 then converted to an RD4-8.


ruudleeuw.com/alcan03.htm is a better link IMHO.

Go to the FAA’s site and search for all Super DC-3 Regs.

Go to the FAA’s site and search for all Douglas C-117’s.