VFR flights in Canada not displayed

Flightaware used to display all flights in Canada including VFR flights as long as a transponder code was assigned such as a VFR flight plan or flight following. This stopped about a year ago around Nov 1st, 2007. Does anyone know why Canadian VFR tracking stopped and if there are plans to have it working again?

VFR flight tracking is a side effect of IFR flight tracking. Changes we make to improve the reliability and accuracy of IFR flight tracking may improve or adversely affect the reliability and accuracy of VFR flight tracking. The nature of the data we receive from ATC may have also changed, impacting the quality of VFR flight tracking.

Okay. :slight_smile:

So let’s see – please allow me to summarize these comments, and please do immediately correct me if I’m wrong anywhere here.

Changes to IFR may or may not have had improved VFR tracking. Data from ATC may or may not have had also changed.

In other words, things may or may not have had changed – a coin flip to decide? :wink:

Perhaps I can help. Flightaware does not provide tracking outside the United States.

FlightAware indeed tracks flights in Canada. It tracks airline flights and GA IFR flights to this day. Up until November 2007, FlightAware used to track VFR flights with flight following but this stopped for unknown reasons. FlightAware also tracks VFR flight in Canada that originated in the US.

I am a flight instructor and VFR flight tracking was something that I really used a lot to keep awareness of my students when they would travel on their cross country flights. I just wish it would work again.


How does FlightAware handle international flights? (Back To Top)

Short answer: Not very well.

Long answer: FlightAware can only track aircraft that are being tracked by the FAA, which means aircraft only in the United States. For flights arriving in the US from an international origin, FlightAware will be able to track the flight once it is handed off to the US. For flights departing the US for an international destination, FlightAware will be able to track the flight until it leaves the US and then it will be lost with no arrival ever recorded or the arrival time will be the time it left the US.

Can FlightAware track VFR flights? What about a VFR flight with a flight plan? (Back To Top)

Some VFR aircraft with flight following are available on the position maps but it largely unreliable and no arrival/departure/flight plan data is available. VFR flight plans are irrelevant and only used by FSS for search and rescue. We suggest ensuring that aircraft are on an IFR flight plan from wheels up to wheels down for proper tracking.

Canadians! :unamused:

Every flight I have made in Canada IFR is tracked by flightAware. Crossing the border, either direction also show up, makes no diffrence, it comes down to, if you have a squak code. VFR flight in Canada will show up if you have flight following and are assigned a squak code. Tracking stops in north in none Radar enviroment like 80 nm South of Fort Nelson.