Very less response for private flights with tail numbers


I have been trying to query flight aware service for private flights given their tail numbers, but not getting information properly.

Case 1: No data found

Let’s say I try to track a flight with tail number - N604MC on specific day say Nov 25, 2013.

Most of the times I don’t get information with the given tail number.
I use method “FlightInfoEx” with tail number as the parameter.
On executing flight aware API, it gives the exception saying “No Data found”.

Case 1: Specific flight not found

In this case, I do get a list of flights with given tail number through the same method - “FlightInfoEx”.
Now, here in the given response list, I try to match the flight details based on destination and flight date, but never seem to get the result.
e.g. I searched flight with tail number 440QS with destination at Miami and date as Nov 25, 2013. But this doesn’t return any flight from the given list of flights obtained from “FlightInfoEx”.

Please advise that to what extent FAware helps in tracking private flights with given tail numbers.

General Aviation flights (ie: privately owned, non airline) operating in our primary coverage areas should be tracked whenever they are operating under an instrument flight plan. At this time our primary coverage areas include US, its territories, most of Canada, and Australia.

I see no problems when using FlightInfoEx with N604MC or 440QS. Both return multiple flights from FlightXML when I try it.

If the specific flight you are interested is older than the flights that are returned, you may need to specify a larger howMany value (and perhaps call SetMaximumResultSize first), or use the offset argument to request the next set of flights. Keep in mind that the oldest flight history that can be returned by FlightInfoEx is approximately 2 weeks ago.

I understand what you are saying, but is there anyway to track privately owned, non airline flights after they go out from operating under an instrument flight plan. Like I know KEF uses Flight Aware to track privately non airline flights, so why cant I? My private tail numbers go out at BGSF. After that nothing? Any suggestions? Is there another flight tracker for that area? UK, Netherlands etc, etc…

For tracking aircraft you own/operate we offer FlightAware Global which can provide broader coverage including European ATC and worldwide coverage via datalink.