Verizon FIOS becomes Frontier FIOS in three markets tonight


Verizon FIOS was purchased by Frontier Communications (no relation to Frontier Airlines other than neither has a stellar customer service history.) The transfer of ownership takes place on April 1. The markets affected are Florida, Texas and California.

When Frontier took over AT&T internet services it did not go well. The company promises to do better this time. Lets hope.

I’ve already had a three hour outage this week which I believe may be related to the change over. The service returned with my i.p. lease intact but some time later I had a new i.p. Thank goodness for DDNS.

I bring this up here as probably many receivers are on the FIOS network. You’ll want to be aware that if you lose connection to Flightaware over then next few hours or even days, it may be your FIOS connection. The issue may not be your at local head end. There will be much rerouting of the pipe during that time.

Good Luck!


And indeed it went poorly - … hangeover/


Maybe it might have gone better by calling it March 32nd. 4/1 launches lack an enviable track record in my experience. :wink: