Vehicle Transponders

Anyone know of a cheap vehicle ADS-B transponder for airport vehicles? We’re looking to put them in all of our airport vehicles for better situational awareness for both vehicles and aircraft flying into the airport.


I don’t know what the advantages/disadvantages are to either one, but the Broward County, FL, Aviation Dept apparently relies on TIS-B for their ops vehicles at KFLL. At least, that is what I receive on my PiAware setup from them. I assume they use TIS-B at KHWO which is the other airport the county operates.

Maybe they could give you some advice.

TIS-B positions are broadcast by the FAA and are inferred based on other data such as ground surveillance radar (e.g., ASDE-X, which is used at FLL). If the ground vehicles appear as anonymous targets then it’s likely TIS-B derived from traditional radar. If the ground vehicles have ADS-B (1090ES or 978UAT) then you can receive them directly on the respective frequency or you may see them as ADS-R (e.g., rebroadcast by FAA as part of TIS-B on 1090 from 978). I believe the FAA recommends using 978UAT for ground vehicles however I don’t know how often this is used in practice.


We use the RANGR-G at PHL