Vanishing Data

Track log data has become increasingly spotty for Airborne Express flights out of KRIV. This morning (March 20) ABX 1908 appeared briefly on live tracking, then vanished. Information for ABX1916, ABX1927, ABX1939, ABX1902 and ABX1905 is also absent. The flights appeared on the map as green “in the vicinity” icons, and their arrival at the airport was recorded accurately. Any ideas?

If they were inbound to land, it’s possible they cancelled their IFR following once the field was in sight. The track would stop immediately. But if it stopped enroute??

The tracklog for ABX1908 out of KRIV this morning starts in the climb at 3600 feet and ends at 6000 feet on the descent into KSLC. That covers all but 6 minutes (1 after departure and 5 before landing) of the flight, and is typical in terms of coverage…

Speaking of vanishing data: I haven’t been able to access FlightAware for a couple of hours now. Just get a message saying " FlightAware is currently closed for maintenance or upgrades."

Unfortunately we had to take a little unscheduled maintenance window this afternoon to deal with capacity issues. Everything should be back up now.


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