Valet puts SUV into reverse accidently hit gas thru temimal

Happened this morning at Vancouver International, which has caused some concerns regarding the Winter Olympic security at the airport. (Winter Olympics start on Feb 12/10)

A valet accidently put a SUV in reverse, then hit the gas instead of the brake!!!, and drove thru the double doors of the USA section - backwards.
Very forunately he didn’t hit anyone.

Local News - story and video

In related news, the valet was just awarded a contract flying ERJ’s in Africa.

Now that is funny!

He’s on the fast track to becoming chief pilot.

Guess he got his drivers license at WAL-MART.

awe, of all airports to do it at, that is probably the nicest terminal I’ve been in!

Those car dealer displays in terminals sure are getting more and more elaborate in their desperate efforts to grab fliers’ attention.