Using port 8080 fadump1090 stops, while dump1090 runs...?


Hello, my RPi 3 is running Piaware 3.1.0, fadump1090 and sits on a remote mountain top and quits sending data to FA when port 8080 is used.
When I disable the http port in, the RPi runs without issue.

I also have another remote RPi B+ running dump1090, using port 8080 and it has not hiccuped in months. The RPi 3 running fadump1090 will die within 24 hours if port 8080 is used.

Unfortunately, there is another piece of equipment in the same cabinet that is using port 80.
What is a good port to forward other than 8080? Can I configure an ‘alias’ for the web server as in this example: ?

Is Piaware using Apache as its server of choice or is it something else?



Upgrade the old fadump1090 to current dump1090-fa as a first step; then you can configure lighttpd for whatever port that you want (and the crashes will go away)
If you want to use Apache that’s also fine but I don’t have a canned config file for you, you’ll need to work out the aliases etc.


Thank you.

Hopefully it is as simple as executing sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa

My Raspbian is limited.


PiAware uses lighttpd, not apache. Lighttpd is very similar but designed for light weight web serving. The default port is 80 for unencrypted sessions, but you can change that, or if there is a router ahead of it, then just forward some other port to port 80 on the Pi.


What directory does Piaware store its web HTML files?

I would like to use Apache and create an alias to the web data.


piaware doesn’t have any html files or serve any web content.

For the dump1090 URL-to-file mappings see the lighttpd config file here: … 90-fa.conf