Using Cellular To Feed Data


Anyone use Hologram IO Nova instead of Ethernet or WiFi to send data from Piaware to FlightAware. Would it work or any other recommendations. Sometimes Comcast internet goes down.


There are definitely people using cellphone hotspot with PiAware.
Some are self contained and don’t require external software and some connect through USB (require drivers on the raspberry pi). Since the hotspot systems are hardware dependent FlightAware can’t offer setup support and I am not sure if I have seen walkthroughs on this forums for 3G hotspot with Raspberry PI.

Hologram IO nova is very expensive in some countries and not too bad in others. About $20 for 1GB of data in the USA.

Generic 3G modems are usually $20 and come with unlimited data plans for about $20/month (like cricket / H20). Or if you have tmobile they offer $10/month data plans for “tablets”.