Users reporting timeout to track a flight



BACKGROUND: as an online travel agent, Webjet allows our customers to track flights via our mobile apps (iOS & Android). Our peak month was in January 2018 when over 110,000 flights were tracked … so significant, but not outrageous.
Recently we have been getting feedback from customers that when user requests to track flights from within the app (after booking a flight, or they get an upcoming flight alert) that the request to track a flight is timing out, leading to a poor customer experience.
When I use the site and select any page that would display a list of alerts, the site times out e.g.
Webjet upgraded to a Premium+ subscription given the growth in our volume. We are using flightXML2 within our apps.

QUESTION: Are there any tools our app developers can use to monitor volumes of flight alerts flowing into flightXML2 and performance?

As Product Owner of apps, I am wanting to investigate why our service is reported to be degraded, and what the resolution is.
I suspect that the problem might not be with flightware xml, but somewhere in the middle, but I want to rule out flightxml2 as the problem.


Your question has been raised to the team. We should have a response for you in the near future.


It does not appear to be our service that is causing the timeout. If you have a large amount of alerts and try to access them through the web ui, the system will likely time out, however, there did not seem to be any indication that the timeout on your app is caused by our API.