User Stats Feature Request.


Could I please request a feature to be added to the User and Sites Stats page?

I would like to be able to sort by country to see the rankings of Users and Sites in Australia.




I’d like the receiver type shown - I think some of the numbers vary by receiver type even where they are in the same location.

The present situation is we are grading the number of pips in an orange and comparing / ranking them against the number of pips in an apple and a pomegranate.


with regard to the comparing the types of, it would probably work for most installations and be very useful for seeing how tuned your set-up is compared to others. If they made it so it was something you had to select as an option it probably wouldn’t ad that much load to their servers.

However my Planeplotter feed does better than my radarcape (for aircraft spotted) but the radarcape is the source for the planplotter