User Name Question...

:confused: :confused: :confused:

My mind is in granny gear! I don’t know how and why I just thought of this, but when I joined FA a year ago ( :open_mouth: ) I was gonna have a different user name than the one I have now. So the first one I tried was a name with all letters, but then I got a message saying my user name needed some numbers in it… So that’s how I came up with the “744” part of my name. Why did it do that? Some users on here are all numbers and some are all letters???

I just thought about that and was curious? :blush:

Weird. :slight_smile:

The username “will” is already in use. I’m guessing the system was suggesting adding numbers to the name to differentiate you from the other Will in the system.

Yeah but the thing was I wasn’t gonna be just “Will?”

And I didn’t get a message about the user name already in use?

It sounds like the username you wanted was taken, so the form suggested adding numbers. All alpha and all numeric usernames are allowed.

Oh okay.

I was just curious… You can lock it if ya want…