User appears to have incorrect sign in longitude for feed


I was looking at my feeder statistics and the new nearby feeder table.
I found a listing for Kevin Hooke (KHooke) estimated 60 mi from my location near KMHR at N38.6 W121.1
His nearest airport is ZYTL/DLC in China at N38.96 E121.53. Which is the correct position? He had appeared with the same info sometime in the past, but apparently was dropped after 30 days inactivity.

I was advise by the online chat group to pose the question here.





I saw the thread, but I think that is not it. (BTW, I did run into that item today when I roamed down to Lee Vining CA. Baby steps from Sacto, found that the acceptable distance changed (got progressively smaller) Now set right. If you want more details, please PM me)

Back at the topic, a year or two ago the same user appeared and seemed to have registered my feed before I got a chance to do so. It took a few months to get it straightened out.


It’s tough to say since the site is no longer online, but that’s a common problem we’re working on.


Sounds like Whack-a-mole. Intermittent issues are always hard to track down!