Used FlightAware as a training tool...Great Product!

Recently accomplished an instrument proficiency ride in the Washington DC Metro area…Aside from the flight being a blast, I got a chance to come back and debrief it with FlightAware! What an awesome tool!

It was especially helpful in trying to figure out what ATC probably had on their minds as they turned us onto final with a funky dogleg. Also useful in determining what the winds were doing to us in the hold and during climbout…I’ll tell ya, the FlightAware Team has certainly hit a homerun!

Thanks for all your great work…


Thanks for the report, Jack. We love to hear about unanticipated uses for FlightAware, and if one of them is that pilots use our site to become safer and more proficient, that is just extremely satisfying for us.

Wow…this post hit the board just over 10 years ago! Amazing…just truly amazing what this Team has done with this concept…this product…this tool.

In fact, because of you, just yesterday…while waiting on my boss to return with one of our aircraft, I was able to keep some of my company’s most valued passengers not only well informed but squarely in the loop as to his whereabouts and ETA.

Happy Passengers = Happy Boss and a Happy Boss = a Happy Me!

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!

From lean and humble yet, ambitious beginnings to a WORLDWIDE resource with millions of users, I am sure you’re proud of the impact you’ve had on aviation around the globe and I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

Blue Skies!
Pt 135 Pilot and CFI