Use Socat to feed multiple sites to AWS..?


…and the feed FW from there with the inupt of my multiple sites?

Im looking to feed 2-5 sites into this one instance, to view them all together.

Can I do this (piaware) in a cloud EC2 instance?


Sure, but you should expect about 15 KB/sec per receiver 24/7. It adds up to a lot each month.


If you really do need per second updates on your EC2 then forward the main data feeds. The faup1090 program picks out the messages that are important before forwarding them to FlightAware. This lowers the message count 90-95%. If you are going through faup1090 on each site vs faup1090 on the one aggregate site will not make too much of a difference to us but will on your bandwidth requirements.

We also don’t recommend feeding from one large site.