Use of truncated callsign


26-year veteran ATC here, addressing a problem that has reached epidemic proportions. If your callsign is N123AB, proper truncation of that call-sign is “November 3 ALPHA BRAVO,” no less. Reading back “ALPHA BRAVO” is NOT acceptable. You can cause a controller to be charged with an operational error due to not ensuring a readback by the correct aircraft. If your call-sign were N12345, would you read back “November Four Five?” Of course not!

First post in this forum so I hope it is appropriate and in the right place. If not, moderators feel free to delete.

Got it. Thanks for the reminder!

One question.

Should the readback of the clearance start with the aircraft’s call sign or end with it?

Does it even matter??

Doesn’t matter as long as it’s there. Most put it on the end.

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